How To Develop A Pest Management Program for A Warehouse or Industrial Space

Implementing pest control program and relevant activities in warehouses as well as industrial spaces can be a tough challenge. Treating the facilities of commercial spaces, especially warehouses with care is extremely quintessential. The presence of perishables and food stocks add to the difficulty presented to the pest management team. Not only is pest management an important procedure in terms of maintaining optimal hygiene levels, but it is also required to ensure the safety of the stored goods in the commercial space. Assessment forms the initial step in the development of a pest management program. According to exterminators while assessing warehouses and industrial spaces, it is crucial that all entry points, water sources, food sources, areas designated for shelters, employee designated areas and customers corners. Other areas that have food, perishable products, cleaning agents and commodity exchange areas should also be inspected in order to detect the current levels of hygiene and safety.

Following the assessment of the site, the design of the facility should be evaluated to identify approximate values for employee and customer traffic. Key places that are evaluated in this phase include pedestrian and overhead doors, water sources, electrical conduits, and exterior perimeters. This would provide an insight into the possible places where pest control could be implemented. It is crucial that an exhaustive and accurate list of Pest IDs be prepared after consulting with the employees and customers (if needed). This is done in order to ensure that further infestations are prevented and existing infestations are managed in an effective manner.

Each warehouse or industrial space is unique in its operations and overall facility design. Due to this unique presence, it is essential that every facility be provided with a customized pest control and management plan in keeping with its specific requirements. For ensuring the best pest management plan, effective communication and inquiry is required where every minute inch of space is inspected thoroughly. Based on these key indications, an appropriate pest management program can be developed for warehouses and industrial spaces.