How to Get Rid of Rats From Homes

Rats refer to the furred rodents found in homes, basement, inside the bushes, under rocks and in other dirty and cluttered places. But the most importantly, one should not forget to wear protective masks, and goggles to avoid any kind of contact and eventual infection. Usually the rats have the tendency to live in places where there is sufficient supply of food and an easy access to shelter. They chew things, defecate on things and cause damage to property. They are also found to spread many life risking diseases. Moreover they cause damage to buildings by gnawing through pipes, electric wires and walls. Hence it is a common discussion among the house owners as to how to get rid of rats.

We asked the best pest control company in Toronto for some advice on how to deal with rats. The primary solution of getting rid of rats is to frequently clean the cluttered areas which include the basement, the garage, the attic etc and more importantly sealing the cracks and holes in the houses. The excess dirt and garbage should also be cleaned regularly. On the other hand, for killing the rats one can use baits and snap traps. The toxic baits are usually sprinkled in places where the rats nest which include the
hard to reach places of the house. The rats can be killed with the snap traps immediately by placing the food on the trap so that the rat comes for the food and in the process dies when the metal snaps down on it. One should store the food in strong tightly closed containers. The most important step is first of all to identify the kind of rodent being dealt with. There are root rats which get into the house using the tree branches and hence the branches should be cut back. Instead of using animal product composters, one can use rodent resistant composters.